Release Date for v1.2.1:05/08/2008
Release Date for v1.2:05/04/2008
Release Date for v1.1:09/17/2007
Release Date for v1.0:08/09/2007

Note: As of version 1.2 the new name of this plugin is Clone+ (formerly known as Attacher). Sufficient number of features was added to justify the name change.

The original purpose of the tool was to aid the user with aligning of one piece of geometry to another when the rotation angles are difficult to match manually. In the current incarnation this plugin is more of a general purpose cloning tool. It can use either vertices or polygons as placeholders for copied geometry.

Note: Due to a bug in Lightwave 9.3 product cycle this plugin might offer no interactivity in some beta versions of the software.

Download Clone+

Visual overview of functionality:

Setup example

Clone example

Scale example

Scale to polygon
Scale to polygon example

Align example

Other features include:

  • Ability to work with multiple items (including curves) in background layers
  • Ability to work with points as placeholders
  • Jitter options
  • Placement based on slope

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