Version:Alpha 2
Release Date:02/05/2006
This plugin extends the ideas of my Nipponites Mirabilis plugin to an user defined curve and face. No big deal, but of the some things you can do are:
  • Extrude a single along a curve without a need of face-to-curve prealignment
  • Create hollow pipes with any face.
  • Apply ribs for horns, bamboo sticks, segment joints and what not.
  • Apply noise to the extrusion: veins, irregular pipes/tubes, more organic/worn out feel.
  • Some interactivity (as much as LScript allows)
This is an Alpha 2 release. Not all features are functional. Contains bugs. See included ReadMe.txt for more details.

Note: Due to a bug in Lightwave 9.x product cycle this plugin might offer no interactivity in some beta versions of the software.

Download Extrude+ Alpha 2

Visual overview of functionality:

Extrude example 1Extrude example 2

Extrude example 3Extrude example 4

Extrude example 5Extrude example 6

Extrude example 7Extrude example 8

Extrude example 9Extrude example 10

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