Nipponites Mirabilis

Release Date:12/07/2005
Nipponites Mirabilis plug-in uses "iteration procedures for biological pattern generation that are particularly useful for bizarre varieties of seashells on the borderline between deterministic classical equiangular spirals on the one hand and unstable oscillations on the other."

Note: Due to a bug in Lightwave 9.3 product cycle this plugin might not work as designed in some beta versions of the software.

Nipponites Mirabilis

Download Nipponites Mirabilis

Nipponites Mirabilis can be used as a horn generator:

Skull with horns

Skull model:

Below are additional Nipponites Mirabilis samples along with settings. Both samples courtesy of Fred Townsend

Crab leg - View Settings

Crab leg

Wine bottle - View Settings

Wine bottle

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